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Tinge Pastel

The history: Beauty babes wanted an easier and accessible way to join the pastel hair trend so then created Tinge Pastel -- a beauty line of temporary pastel hair dye that easily adds pastel colors to light, blonde hair. Each color lasts for 3-5 washes giving each doll that perfect pastel hair color that makes you look like a unicorn without a long time commitment. These dyes are easy to apply, making us avoid 6+ hours at the salon for more time surfing on our Tumblrs.

Why we love them: Besides looking good, we luv how we can experiment with different pastel hues from pink, purple, peach, to turquoise and silver without the serious commitment. And because they are animal-cruelty free and non damaging to our hair, we'll def be trying all the colors!

One phrase: I whip my hair back n forth!

Known For: Tinge Pastel pastel hair dye, Tinge Pastel temporary hair dye, Tinge Pastel washable hair dye, Tinge Pastel pink hair dye, Tinge Pastel purple hair dye, Tinge Pastel turquoise hair day, Tinge Pastel silver hair dye
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