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The history: Founder and designer Samantha Smikle wanted to create the ultimate amplification of girl power. And that’s how Tnemnroda got its start with infamous bold and sweet sunnies and jewelry for the bb that is beautiful, empowered, and full of fiery ambition. Inspired by East & West Indian cultures, Samantha also takes her Caribbean background to combine dat fantastical spirit and luxe refinement with each hand crafted and limited piece byways of New York.

Why we love them: If yer tryna stand out bb, these pieces are fer yew! Known and loved fer their sunnies, everything in the collection is nothin’ but quality with its 14K gold plated metals, semi precious stones, and/or other transformative materials. Perfect fer any festival, you’ll be making it onto those trend blogs while protecting yer vision fer more rad and wavy shit.

One phrase: Yer da perfect spectacle.

Known For: Tnemnroda sunglasses, Tnemnroda hand crafted sunglasses, Tnemnroda jewelry, Seen in People Style and InStyle Magazine.
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