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Tuesday Bassen

The history: An illustrator plus derby babe named Tuesday Bassen became a full-time freelance artist after graduating art school back in 2011, and created her self-name brand that’s just all about her creation and expression. Known fer her clean line drawings with flat color, she creates quirky and badazz female representations. Based in Los Angeles, this bb has done work with all sorts from Urban Outfitters to The New York Times, and now opening a brick n’ mortar shop called “Friend Mart.”

Why we love them: What’s better than pussy power? We r totally in for empowering our babes in the funnest way possible through patches, pins, and all sorts of accessories that are affordable and accessible to our shit.

One phrase: Goin’ up… on a Tuesday!

Known For: Tuesday Bassen Ugly Girl Gang, Tuesday Bassen patches, Tuesday Bassen pins, Tuesday Bassen graphic prints, Tuesday Bassen artwork, Tuesday Bassen ceramics, Tuesday Bassen x Urban Outfitters collaboration

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