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The history: Valfré is the brainchild of uber creative Mexican- born artist Isle Valfré. This badazz babe draws dope illustrations pretty much embodying what it means to be a fukkin’ female. Takin’ her inspiration from stories her pops used to tell her, comic books, and her homegirls this babe isn’t stoppin’ anytime soon.

Why we love them: We’re obsessed with all the crazzyyyy azz shiit that this babe can come up with! Combining her relatable art with satire and sweet-cliches Valfré is one doll that we can certainly get down with. Pasting her illustrations from everything to shirts to iPhone cases this babe is really one for the books.

One phrase: If you can’t deal with it, draw it.

Known For: Valfre iPhone cases, Valfre phone cases, Valfre 3D iPhone cases
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