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Valley High

The history: Chanelle Laurence and Christian Ojeda combined their streetwear, graphics, and industry experience and created one of the coolest girl streetwear brands today, Valley High. Inspired by and locally designed in Los Angeles, these collections capture da smoovest girl who fukks with style, adventures, and affection fer menswear. With their cutting edge prints and silhouettes, the Valley Girl is dat down azz chick who always makes a statement without having to open her mouf.

Why we love them: Now dis is the skool we wouldn’t skip out on! We totally fukk with this girl version of street fashion taking a twist on what’s trending in the boy market. With ez mix n’ match pieces and bold AF graphics, Valley High totes reflects how we r alwayz feelin or stylin.

One phrase: Kickin’ ass and takin’ all the boyz.

Known For: Valley High graphic t-shirts, Valley High crop tops, Valley High tennis skirts, Valley High dad hats
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