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Velvet Sphynx

The history: Launched in 2013, Velvet Sphynx takes all our tropical fevers and lay ‘em out with their fit and functional swim pieces that make it even funner to get dat Vitamin D! With their 70s, 80s, and playboy bunniez inspiration to their prints, Velvet Sphynx uses these design influences to bring the brand to life and to get wet, wet, wet. Using quality fabrics with awesome stretch, and to accentuate flirty modern cuts, you may be snoozin’ on the beach, babe, but no one could press snooze on yew.

Why we love them: With their cool printz, these swim pieces are a match made fer our wavy, Willow and Kandi dolls who are free spirited and just want to have fun. We absolutely luv their cute cuts that keep it presh and cheeky no matter what season we take a dip in the water.

One phrase: Dream In Print.

Known For: Velvet Sphynx prints, Velvet Sphynx cut out bikini bottoms, Velvet Sphynx Garth Bottom

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