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The history: Rhianna Cooper graduated college and pretty much gave zero fukks. Which is dope for us because this led to her makin’ killer handmade jewelry on the Vience Beach Boardwalk. So as she was makin’ these fly pieces for all us dolls to rock her business took off and boom now she’s a major must see on the jewelry circuit. Keepin’ things clutch with her eclectic ready to wear pieces these bad babe is ready to rock yer chains.

Why we love them: Down to earth and down to party is Vidakush’s moto. Takin’ influence from Indian, Native American, and Ancient Egyptian culture these pieces are as down to earth as it gets. With pieces that are a little bit rock n’ roll and a little bit boho chic this is the line fer any dolls that wants to get the good vibes going/ One phrase: Vida with a little loca

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