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The history: Hilary Contolini started collectin’ necklaces around her neck that became tangled art that she embraced fer 4 years. Interested in metal manipulation, this Portland babe moved to San Francisco to study metals n’ tings and found her inner artist movement was hella Dada. So proud of da left coast, she made these dope West Coast pride rings, creating the start of her jewelry line - Vittrock. Thru the natural processes of creating, Hilary bases her creations off from little human intervention, finding da core of expression n’ less worrying from da thotz of her haters.

Why we love them: These sik pieces help us show up who we truly r and we really dig tha West Coast vibez that Vittrock reps. What’s better than throwin’ up da dubz sign than a piece of bling or ice?

One phrase: Got deez hoes iced up enough.

Known For: Vittrock jewelry, Vittrock rings, Vittrock earrings, Vittrock bracelets, Vittrock chokers, Vittrock Pride Rings
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