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Who Cares NYC?

The history: Wanting to take streetwear to tha next step, Ava Michele started WhoCaresNYC? In 2012 to show off how street can be sass and classy AF. With handmade, one of a kind n’ street edge inspired pieces, this fashion brand focuses on sik details graphics, and silhouettes that really bring that concrete jungle attitude as yer second skin.

Why we love them: Cuz yer street AF but not street value, bb. You deserve da absolute best, including tha dope clothes you wear. Beatin’ anything you can ever find on the racks of malls, these pieces like fishnet bodysuits with special embroidered patches and just sik graphic designs that relate to culture is hittin’ hard hard hard.

One phrase: Queen of New York, I wanna be it!

Known For: WhoCaresNYC? Bodysuits, WhoCaresNYC? Tops, WhoCaresNYC? Intimates, WhoCaresNYC? Jackets
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