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Wicked Hippie

The history:All the way from Oklahoma City comes a pair of wicked hippies who started a DIY, sikk as fukk brand that embraces everything about peace love, and power with a little bit of troublemaking thrown in the mix. In 2012, Katy Weaver n' Tanner White had a creative craving but could not figure out the right outlet, until one fine day Katy realized she had a ton of vintage items she had collected, and Tanner was making Jewelry, and the rest is history. These two besties started with an online store, and it wasn’t long before their creative, unique, quirky, and cute designs became a serious sensation!

Why we love 'em: We have teamed up with these two besties to bring you a collaboration of unique never before seen shit that yer gonna go gaga for, along with a small selection of exXxclusive designs these two have whipped up just for all you dolls. Wicked Hippie hopes to spread glitter all over you motherfuckers, helping humans look a little freakier with a lot more sparkles!!! It's not just for the pure and sweet but 4 da dirty and freaky!

This brand in one phrase: “Too much wicked, yer in trouble. Too much hippie.. yer bored as fukk!!!!”

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