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The history: Some people are just really fukkin’ good people and Emily Valdez is one of those people. This lovely lady traveled the world and found a lot of awesome people and artists who had dreams but couldn’t get to where they wanted to go because of poverty. Thus, Yireh was born! This awesome brand was created to hire artisans from these impoverished places and give them a creative outlet. Dedicated to bringing positivity and empowerment full circle this clothing makes you feel good while yer wearin’ it!

Why we love them: Despite the fact that buying these clothes is a good deed each piece is cute af! With bold and beautiful fabric that is pulled from all around the world everything about this brand is eye catching. Not only that but each of these pieces is handmade makin’ them the best quality available. With flirty designs meant to flatter the feminine physique we are seriously considerin’ being a good girl!

One phrase: Confessions of a Teenage Karma Queen

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