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Zero Gravity

The history:Founded in 2010 in the closest place to an alien world yer gonna find (Los Angeles) comes a brand focused around the idea that everyone has something to share about themselves, and that a picture is worth more than 1000 words. Zero Gravity is a culture, a movement, and a brand with an identity, by fusing fashion, pop culture, and technology together. These guys believe yer cellphone case is a small part of anyone's individuality, and want to make sure that it's as important as the socks or tee shirt you wear.

Why we love them:Zero Gravity embraces freedom of expression, and letting go of inhibitions, celebrating a more unique individuality by embracing the weird, the funny, and the imperfect. Just like us, they hope to only complement the person you already are through their designs, and embracing a more unique world.

One phrase:Elevate Your Look

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