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Reflective Clothes

Dolls Kill has the trendiest and most glam selection of reflective clothing, shoes, and accessories that’s perfect fer every doll and her personalized style. Got 'em taking pictures of ya to make it last longer. Tell 'em to use flash so they can see ya shinin' in these bad azz reflective clothing, shoes, and accessories. Scroll thru each page fer the newest trendy looks n’ unleash yer inner glam girl at an online shopping destination unlike anywhere else.

Where to Wear It: Hangin’ Out With Friends, Chillin’ Out at Night, Takin’ Instagram Selfies, Walkin’ Thru The Paparazzi, Working

What U’ll Find: Reflective Clothing, Reflective Shoes, Reflective Accessories, Reflective Rave Wear, Reflective Pants, Reflective Tops, Reflective Sets, Reflective Dresse