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    Ahoy Ariel Bikini


      Ahoy Ariel Bikini Everyone always wanted to be those stupid fukkin’ princesses in tiaras and dresses...not you betch! You were tryin’ to rock that mermaid tail and if yer mama would’ve let you those shells right on yer rack. Well now yer old enough to wear whatever the fukk you want...and you do! This killer bikini is a throwback to all things fukkin’ fantastic about the sea. With it’s bandeau style top that ties in the back with a bright red polka dot bow right on yer rack...fukk we can’t look away and we don’t want to! Going with it is a comfy pair of boyshort style bottoms with a cute as fukk sailor puppy print and a matching polka dot red bow right on yer booty. Damn girl we’d follow you right into the ocean!