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Masochist, or narcissist?

It's ok to be both!

Dolls Kill has the most incredible selection of choker necklaces to set your spirit ablaze while taking a somber stroll through the graveyard or manifesting good vibes for your girl.

Our collection of layered chain chokers, lace, rhinestone, leather or choker collars will have you being the mistress of the next monster mash. You'll always find your perfect collar by carrying significant brands such as Care BearsWidowFunk PlusdELiA*sNastyGemThe Grave GirlsNamilia, and more.

Take a look through our cutest chokers and Unleash your inner riot girl at an online shopping destination unlike anywhere else.

All you need to know about Chokers:

What do chokers symbolize?

Chokers are a type of necklace that closely encircles the neck. They have been worn by different cultures throughout history and can symbolize various things depending on the context.

In contemporary fashion, chokers can be seen as a trendy accessory, often worn by women. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as velvet, leather, metal, or plastic, and can have different embellishments, such as beads, pearls, or charms. In this context, chokers may be seen as a symbol of fashion-forwardness or a desire to follow current trends.

In some cultures, chokers have been worn as a symbol of social status or as a sign of royalty. For example, in ancient Egypt, chokers were worn by pharaohs and their wives as a symbol of power and prestige. In certain Native American cultures, chokers were worn by women as a sign of their marital status or to protect them from harm.

In some subcultures, such as punk or goth, chokers have been adopted as a symbol of rebellion or non-conformity. In this context, chokers may be worn as a sign of individuality or to express a rejection of mainstream fashion.

How to wear gothic necklaces chokers?

Gothic necklaces and chokers can add an edgy and dramatic touch to any outfit. Here are some tips for wearing them:

  1. Choose the right choker: Gothic chokers come in a variety of styles, from leather and lace to o-ring and spikes. Choose a choker that matches your personal style and the occasion.

  2. Pair with the right outfit: Gothic chokers look great with black or dark-colored clothing, pastel goth, but can also be paired with more colorful outfits to create a contrast. They can be worn with a variety of clothing styles, from casual to dressy.

  3. Consider layering: Layering different lengths of necklaces or chokers can create a unique and personalized look. Experiment with layering different styles and textures to create a cohesive look.

Remember, gothic necklaces and chokers are all about expressing your individuality and personal style. Experiment with different styles and have fun creating your own unique look

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