Club Exx


The history: Originally an accessories line that branched out into a rave clothing line. Club Exx is a brand that carries all the rave and festival outfits where babes want to show off, dance all night and have all eyes on them. These Club members are addicted to holographic materials, faux fur, neon colors, psychedelic prints and shiny everything. Scroll thru and shop this exclusive collection that will surely make you the center of attention on any dancefloor.

Here are five items to match and wear in a festival or rave:

  1. A flowy or fringe skirt to add some movement to your look as you dance

  2. A crop top or tank top to stay cool in the summer heat

  3. A statement accessory, such as a choker necklace or a pair of oversized earrings, to add some sparkle to your outfit

  4. A pair of comfortable shoes, such as sneakers or sandals, for dancing and walking around the festival grounds

  5. A lightweight jacket or sweater for layering when the temperature drops, especially if the festival goes into the night

Why we love them: The dolls that wear this line aren't afraid to stand out. Rave outfits from harnesses, shoes, cutout flares and so much more, there is no time to be a scaredy cat. Bringin' the dark side to the forefront, this line is one for the most xtreme of the dolls.

One phrase: This Club is VIP Only.

Known For: Butterfly Crop Tops, Belts & Harnesses, Club Dresses, Festival Backpacks, Fishnet Bodysuits, Holographic Accessories, Matching Sets, Platform Shoes, Sequin Jumpsuits, Wide Leg Pants, & MORE!