The history: We remember being totally addicted to this brand in high school ? stomping the halls and making a scene with the sikkest collection of platform shoes and platform boots. Demonia is dishing out new favorites with their classic in yer face attitude. Underground shoes from platform shoes, platform boots, creepers, platforms N' so much more! Demonia has got your feet covered in deliciously dark footwear. Mmhmm. Demonia is as dark and defiant as it sounds. Punks, goths and alternatively awesome babes, your prayers have been answered. Can we get a freakin' amen?

Why we love 'em:A trusted brand with a loyal fanbase, (It's Pleaser USA's sister brand, after all) oh Demonia, you're the answer to our prayers!

Known For:Platform Shoes, Platform Boots, Black Platform Boots, Trinity Boots, Platform Mary Janes, Creepers, Technopagan Boots, Stack Platforms, Rave Shoes