The history: Namilia was established by Nan Li & Emilia Pfohl, who met at the University of the Arts in Berlin. The Namilia brand finds inspiration in the revolutionary spirit of youth culture who question and rebel against rules and the perception of femininity.

Why we love them: Our Darby dolls love Namilia for their use of clothing as an empowerment and celebration of their beliefs, conflicts, and dreams.

One Phrase: I can get dick anytime I want!

Known For: Namilia Dickini, Namilia G-String Pants, Namilia Dickalicious Tracksuit, Namilia Motocross Crop Jacket & Pants, Namilia Motocross Panty Trousers, Namilia Motocross Chap Trousers, Namilia Fetish Workwear Skirt, and Namilia Dragon Brocade.