Ivy Berlin

The history:For tha girls that chill all day with their friends and then rave all night! Ivy Berlin designs truly freaky unique streetwear that takes you from tha streets to any funky festival u totally wanna bliss out at. Theze groovy designs will have you creating tha most fire fits that?ll be all over everyones feed!

Why we love them:Start ur own trends in theze supa fun reflective clothes and faux fur jackets.

One phrase: Stand Out And Be Freaky

Known For: Handmade Streetwear, Handmade Club Clothes, Festival Clothes, Rave Clothes, Faux Fur Jackets, Animal Prints, Festival Pant Sets, Reflective Pant Sets, Biker Shorts, Tie Dye Tops, Tie Dye Dresses, Tie Dye Clothing, Reflective Clothing, PVC Bags