Plus Size Y2K


Cuz Paris and Nicole called, they want their closet back! Dolls Kill has the hottest selection of heiress worthy lewks that's perfect for every curve doll and her personal style. With the most iconic plus size 2000s fashion like velour tracksuits, baby tees, rhinestone jewelry, and denim for dayz, our Coco and Mia dolls will alwayz have what they need to achieve that Hollywood hottie lifestyle! Carrying major brands such as Bratz, Sugar Thrillz, Generation Kiss, Juicy Couture, Jaded London, Current Mood, Namilia, Delia's, Motel, NGOrder, Ed Hardy, and SO much more, you'll alwayz find what you need to cause a scandal on the scene. Scroll thru each page for the newest socialite fashion so you can feel like an heiress N' look like an icon at an online shopping destination unlike anywhere else.

Where to Wear It: On a girls night out, nightclub openings, summer yacht parties, beach days, on the red carpet, music festivals, on a hot date, rave nights, photoshoots, rooftop lounges, dodging the paparazzi, N' takin' selfies for the 'gram.

What U'll Find: Micro Mini Skirts, Faux Fur Jackets, Butterfly Crop Tops, Graphic Tees, Low Rise Jeans, Mini Handbags, Oversized Sunglasses, Glitter Makeup, Lip Gloss, Platform Heels, Knee High Boots, Button Up Shirts, Off The Shoulder Tops, Asymmetrical Dresses, Sexy Bodysuits, & MORE!