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Dr. Martens

The history: Rolling off the production line since April 1960 and first designed fer the hard workers n hustlers, Dr. Martens have since been adopted by countless rebellious babes, subcultures, and style tribes. Fer the ez and free-thinking doll, these air-cushioned sole boots designed by Dr. Klaus Maertens, provide additional support n comfort when yer fukkin’ stompin’ around in da streets n kicking teef to the curb. With its signature silhouettes, trademark yellow stitching, grooved sole, and heel loop, these bbz are fer those who are tryna stand fer something while apart from da crowd.

Why we love them: These classic and iconic combat boots are meant 2 be fer Darby’s feet. Cut from da best leather and quality man made materials, these hella comfortable boots can do some damage to yer haters while making you look bad AF. Rebellion at its best, we luv how you can express yerself in many sik ways when wearing these boots.

One phrase: The Next Revolution

Known For: Dr. Martens boots. Dr. Martens combat boots. Dr. Martens 6-eye boots. Dr. Martens 8-eye boots.

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