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Mandalynn Swim

The history: Once upon a time in sunny florida Mandalynn Swim founder Amanda Dukehart felt unsatisfied with all these basic bikinis and one pieces. On a solo mission to compliment the feminine physique this BB embarked to make swimsuits that not only complimented yer great azz but yer beautiful soul as well. Now isn’t that rad? Grabbing inspiration from an adventurous and fun filled life the sunbabies over at Mandalynn know how to find the inner mermaid in every doll.

Why we love them: The little sea urchins over at Mandalynn are dedicated to lovin’ every body shape out there. This line grabs lots of ideas from lingerie and aims to compliment that natural curve of every woman! Minimizing bulky lines and creating smooth silhouettes these swimsuits are perfect for showing off. Usin’ fabrics that glide perfectly over the contours of yer body these swimsuits are almost better than wearing nothing at all. One phrase: Giving skinny dippin’ a run for it’s money

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