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Tiger Mist

The history: Melbourne-born sisters Stevie and Alana Pallister have always been inseparable. From sharin’ their toys to sharin’ boys these Australian babes are always with each other. So when the pair decided to open their first boutique back in 2007 no one even flinched. Not wanting to stop the momentum these babes went one step further to open up their own clothing label in 2010. Everything was sunny and bright until the younger of the pair, Stevie, got diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. That didn’t stop this badazz duo. Sticking together to get through this diagnoses these babes kept launching their brand creating a huge cult following. Now with Stevie better and Tiger Mist a global success it’s shocking that they haven’t taken over the whole world yet!

Why we love them: The funky fembots over at Tiger Mist are all about tailoring to the female bod. Honoring yer natural curves with form-fitting fabrics and dope cutouts these killer pieces are delicious. Loving the block colors and the revealing cuts this clothing line is out on the prowl, and we are hoping we’re it’s prey.

One phrase: Sister Squad Up

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