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Shield Sunglasses

Zoom into the post-apocalyptic future while bringin’ cyber femmebot vibez with these shield sunglasses. These sunnies don’t only protect ur eyes from the bright desert sun while ur tryin to chill at the next festival, but also protect u from jealous ho’s evil eyes as you stomp the city pavement. Be bold with these shades from brands like Replay Vintage Sunglasses and Pit Viper. Which pair will u pick to block out those rays of bad vibez?

Where to Wear It:Vibin’ to Sikk Beats Under the Desert Sun, Blocking Hater Rays on the Train to Work, Flexin’ on Hos at the Pool Party

What U’ll Find:Shield Sunglasses, Flame Shield Sunglasses, Neon Shield Sunglasses, Retro Sunglasses, Reflective Shield Sunglasses, Visor Shield Sunglasses
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