Betsey Johnson

The history: As a young girl, Betsey Johnson was a dancer and became inspired by the costumes she wore to create her own designs. She began in fashion by winning a contest in New York, and later became a designer at a popular boutique that sold clothing by the hottest designers from London. Globally recognized for her whimsical designs, Betsey Johnson always has bold prints, patterns, party dresses, and accessories that?s unique for any fashionista.

Why we love them: Betsey continues her success by creating unique and detailed designs that will keep ya lookin? fierce and bold. Her telephone purses will have ya feelin? like a one of a kind trendsetter while still being on top of your calls!

One phrase: Be your own wild child!

Known For: Betsey Johnson phone purses, Betsey Johnson accessories, Betsey Johnson bags, Betsey Johnson party dresses