No Dress

The history:After everyone asking Chinese designer, LuQi Yu, where she got all her clothes from Yu finally decided to start her own brand. Inspired by high fashion designers like Galliano and Jean Paul Gautier with influences of Japanese and Chinese street fashion from the 80s and 90s, No Dress is a truly unique breath of fresh air in the street fashion world. Combinations of old and new create groundbreaking corsets, tops and dresses that look like they have the heritage and character of a carefully thrifted piece with enough trendy touches to alwayz be tha hottest thing on IG.

Why we love them:Look straight off tha runway in these renaissance-romantic pieces BB!

One phrase: s t i l l l o a d i n g . . .

Known For: Corsets, Sweater Vests, Vintage Inspired Clothing, Mini Skirts, Painting Prints, Blazer Jackets, Plaid Skirts, Teddy Jackets, Corset Tops, Bustier Tops, Corset Skirts, Streetwear Fashion, Designer Streetwear, Trouser Pants, Plaid Pants