Special Occasion Dresses


A special occasion dress u luv is never heard to find here at Dolls Kill, we’re comin’ in hot with the sikkest collection ofgoth bride dresses, goth wedding dresses, goth wedding guest dresses you could ever ask for. Whether your personality is gothic, or girly, we’ve got everything you need for your iconic prom dress look or homecoming dress look

Where to Wear It: Where to Wear It With our diverse collection of women’s special occasion dresses, you’ll never have to worry about not having something to wear wear to your fancy event again. We have so many different styles of special occasion dresses from your favorite brands, including Unholy, Sugar Thrillz, and Sister Jane. You can wear a special occasion dress out to your high school HoCo celebration or College HoCo celebration, fancy event, gala, gothic wedding and Dolls Kill special occasion dresses will help create the perfect ‘fit. You'll always find an occasion to wear your favorite special occasion dress, if you want to wear it to a fancy dinner or event, you can pair it with some lovely jewelry, heels, and a classic purse to complete the look. When it comes to special occasions, the options are endless, babe. We have everything from sweet and girly and pink gowns to dark and gothic gowns, so no matter where you’re going, you can find a gown to wear on Dolls Kill.

What U’ll Find: Our collection of special occasion dresses is anything but boring. Some of the cute babydoll styles you’ll find on Dolls Kill include: Girly Lace Funky Gothic Floral Fairy Costume Velvet And more! With so many different styles to choose from, you can stand out from the crowd and avoid being basic. We have something for every babe and her individual tastes. So, whether you prefer something more simple and classy or funky and bold, you’ll find a babydoll mini dress that’ll work for you. And don’t worry, our collection of women’s dresses doesn’t stop at Special Occasion. You’ll also find cute mini dresses, sexy cocktail dresses, and sweet sundresses, so you can build the closet you’ve always dreamed of having.