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The history: Levis was started by Levi Strauss when he moved to San Francisco to tap into the American dream. Together with Jacob Davis, they invented the blue jean in 1873 which became a uniform for workwear and everyday casual wear. Since the creation of the dry goods store, Levi’s has expanded and marketed the blue jean as an American staple. Each denim jean is crafted with the utmost expert care and designed for the long haul so you can get as scrappy as you want.

Why we love them: Cuz you’re an instant classic, bb. No one will doubt the craftsmanship and durability of a pair Levi’s jeans… plus the fit makes our ass looks amazing!

One phrase: Cut from the best cloth.

Known For: Levis jeans, Levis denim, Levis 501 Original Fit, Levis skinny jeans, Levis boyfriend jeans
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