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Rave Nailz

The history: Braelinn Frank started Rave Nailz to get the flyest nails in the City of Angels. Hand-painting each uniquely designed press-on nail herself, her sets got hella popular as her baes wanted their nails did, too. Inspired by street styles, these press-on nail sets have the dopest prints from occult symbols, flames, dolla billz, pizza slices, some really trippy tie dye ones n’ more that’ll keep yer nail game on a hunnid, bb.

Why we love them: Cuz if yer gonna get into a cat fight, better have yer nails lookin’ sik fer that scratchin’! We totes luv how Rave Nailz is a one babe show and channels in all our favorite trending styles. With easy application and super unlike da rest, having yer nailz did will be easier than making that appt. or inhaling all those fumes (although we don’t mind dat high, too)

One phrase: With her fingernails matchin’!

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