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Rude Cosmetics

The history:Don’t break tha bank for ur beat, BB! Try out these ultra affordable glittery eyeshadow palettes and premium face serums that take care of your skin and get you ready to go out! Rude Cosmetics gives you the tools to let your imagination run wild and become bold, fierce and RUDE-ly stunning!

Why we love them:Whether your tryna look like an anime baddie, serve up some roaring 20s realnezz or just look snatched for tha gawds there’s an eyeshadow palette for u bb!

One phrase: Why Be Nice When You Can Be RUDE?

Known For: Glittery Eyeshadow Palettes, Roaring 20s Palette, Anime Makeup, Affordable Makeup, Sailor Moon Makeup, Face Serums, Cruelty Free Skincare