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Surf is Dead

The history: Tired of irrelevant distractions and dat underground lyfe, Surf Is Dead is taking da overground back in a tsunami type of way. This LA-based surf and skate brand plays with tropes in the late 20th century in its graphic t-shirts, long sleeves, and accessories.

Why we love them: Clashing inspiration from og heavy hitters, this brand has created a refreshing take on surf and skate today with its activewear staples that’s totally making us swoon with da skater boy again. Wear it raunchy or with a futuristic swag, you’ll easily tune in whether yer cruising down Venice or NYC.

One phrase: Catch Da Wave and Ride It Hard.

Known For: Surf Is Dead graphic t-shirts, Surf Is Dead long sleeve tees, Surf Is Dead hats, Surf Is Dead sweatpants, Surf Is Dead streetwear
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