Dolls Kill x Emily The Strange


The history: Yawn. No one understands you except Emily The Strange. Dare to be different with this collection that features her signature mood and style, as well as her cute kitten posse tagging along for the ride. Dolls Kill x Emily The Strange is a collab that brings out the inner goth girl who longs for nothing but looks adorably weird. Shop vintage Emily The Strange prints on exclusive new modern styles & stay strange!

Why we love them: Cuz Emily celebrates your individuality so live as strange and weird as possible! 

One phrase: Live Strange, Get Lost.

Known for: Plus Size Clothing, Graphic Tees, Striped Tops, Oversized Sweaters, Babydoll Dresses, Pleated Mini Skirts, Pajama Sets, Novelty Bags, Platform Shoes, Home Goods, and much more.

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