Coco - Kawaii Clothes

Coco is the ultimate fembot with a highly active Tumblr account. She has an affinity for cute cuddly creatures and wouldn't be caught dead without having her nails did. This kawaii babe is constantly changing the color of her pastel hair and can't resist anything Japanese fashion or with "MEOW" written on it. Her flirtatious style, obsession with Harajuku, cute demeanor, and gravitation towards all things kawaii and pink isn't just a synthesized look ? it's a self-proclaimed lifestyle.

Feeling like Coco if: You've scrolled through blogs for hours looking at cute cat memes and dreaming a trip to Harajuku.

Style Breakdown: Kawaii Fashion, Japanese Fashion, Tokidoki Clothing, Kawaii Street Style, FRUITS street style, Harajuku Fashion, Cute Kawaii Harajuku Fashion, Tokyo Fashion, J-Fashion, Pink & Pastels, Unicorn Clothing, Cute Accessories

Popular Brands: Sugar Thrillz, Tokidoki, Sanrio, Lime Crime, Sugarpills, Hello Kitty, Loungefly

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