Every babe has a style they can relate to, Dolls Kill has created dollz to match your inner IDGAF! Meet out dollz:
Willow: Our festival babe that you can find at all of the festivals, she has a hippie style and careless N' free attitude.
Coco: Our Kawaii bb who loves everything pink N' cute AF. She likez supa crazy dramatic clothing, cute af anime toys and anything fuzzy N' cute
Darby: Our punk rock baby who will at all the rock parties N' alwayz down for the after parties! She likez spiked chokers, band tees, leather N' faux leather pieces and black platform boots.
Kandi: Our rave babe who will be at the main stage at the rave just dancin' her booty off. She like neon sets, sikk printed bootie shorts, anything that lightz up and platform bootz so she can stomp around.
Mercy: Our goth bb is always down for a seance to bring back the dead She likez anything black, demonic, witchy, and dark. Fit N' flare dresses, witchy prints, and gothic jewelry
Mia: Our sexy streetwear babe is always down for a selfie and goin' anywhere insta-worthy. She likez cute af bodysuitz, sweatpants, cargos, sneakers and the hottest trendz.