For Love & Lemons

The history: For Love & Lemons started from a lemonade stand. No lie. Love & Lemons designers, Gillian Mahin & Laura Hall, did business through a lemonade stand in Australia. When life gives you lemons, make crazy awesome clothing, huh?
Clothing for the new tomboy with a little bit of feminine flair.

Why we love 'em: For Love & Lemons is really what we at Dolls Kill are all about... rebellious and at times throwing in a bit of gothic emphasis. Retro inspired shapes or draped dresses.
When Breakfast at Tiffany's turns into a mad party with no end in sight, that's what Love & Lemons clothing is for.

This brand in one phrase: rebellious gothic tomboy

Known For: For Love and Lemons Clothing, Floral Dresses, Dresses, Puff Sleeve Tops, Puff Sleeve Dresses, Bras, Bralette, Lingerie