The history: Seoul-based fashion brand GANGYOUNG is all about empowering girls through redefined streetwear and unique, alternative style. Designed by Sunyoung Park, the inspiration comes from popular 90?s fashion and luxe sportswear with a modern twist that bad babes everywhere are falling in love with. Whether you?re an underground artist or an internet selfie princess, GANGYOUNG has you covered for ultimate stand-out style.

Why we love them: Our Mia dollz love GANGYOUNG for their insta-worthy mini dresses and mesh crop tops that easily become staples in their every day bad bish wardrobe.

One phrase: Girls create culture.

Where To Wear It: Takin? selfies, having photoshoots, on a girls night out, and roamin? the city streetz.

What U'll Find: GANGYOUNG mini dresses, GANGYOUNG velvet dresses, GANGYOUNG crop tops, GANGYOUNG halter tops, GANGYOUNG mesh tops, GANGYOUNG graphic tees