O Mighty

The history:Six yrz ago the lovebirds, Jasmine and Ashley, of O'Mighty discovered that they needed money to travel and do other dope shit. So this adorbz couple decided to sell their old clothes!Starting in flea markets and then in their own store these BBz did just that! Their store blew up big! Eventually they had enough of selling and wanted to make their own shizzz. Deciding to go the way of the world wide web these babes opened up omighty.com to sell what they had been creatin'. And BOOM they have exploded world wide. With a huge celeb following of their crazy and eye catchin? pieces this line is literally about you saying WTF.

Why we love them: This fukkin? crazy brand doesn?t give any fukks about what you think. Seriously. Grabbin? inspiration from the 80?s, 90?s and early 2000?s this line is about op culture overload. Stickin? celebz faces on everything from underwear to backpacks the babes at O?Mighty give 0 fukks. From crazy catch phrases to Care Bears smokin? the ganja this is a brand that screams look at me. So let ?em look.

Three words to describe this brand: OMG LOL WTF