Sparkl Fairy Couture

The history: Here to bring out the inner fairy princess in u, bb! LA based couture rave designer is here to bring you festival costumes so sweet you?ll be givin? everyone else a sugar rush! Serve up some pixie queen vibez while sportin? their iridescent accessories, fab fashion covered in sequins and everything in between~

Why we love them: If ur rockin? with kandi u gotta show up to tha rave with a stellar look n? Sparkl Fairy Couture is here to give it to ya!

One phrase: Put some glitter on it!

Known For: Iridescent Sets, Iridescent Skirts, Organza Tops, Faux Fur Coats, Rave Fashion, Rave Outfits, Festival Sets, Festival tops, Festival Shorts, Festival Tops, Glitter Tops, Glitter Skirts, Sequin Skirts, Sequin Shorts, Sequin Dresses, Pink Dresses, Pink Skirts, Crop Tops, Halter Tops, Mini Skirts