Willow - Festival Fashion

Fresh off her fourth stint at your fav desert music festival, Willow knows how to hold it down in more ways than one. With her easy, laid-back festival fashion style and an eye for the finest grass in town, this bohemian babe hustles festival fashion , backstage passes, and kills it on the dance floor. She enjoys making sweet music with her rock 'n roll beau, but don't mistake her flower crown ? this girl's got spunk for days and knows how to fine-tune her tambourine into the perfect weapon.

Feeling like Willow if: You constantly wonder, "Should I start a revolution or should I go shopping for more festival fashion?"

Style breakdown: Pamela Des Barres on uppers, Festival Fashion , Hippie Fashion, Lana Del Rey style, Bohemian Fashion, Flower Crowns, Tie Dye Clothing, Boho Chic Fashion, Fringes & Crochet Clothing, 70s Fashion

Popular Brands: Current Mood, Club Exx, Free People, Glamorous, Lira Clothing, One Teaspoon, SHRINE, Neva Nude, EastnWest

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