Kandi - Rave Clothing

Meet the girl who lives for late nights, flashing lights, and ravewear. Kandi is a child of EDM and rave fashion who is always dripping in color. This PLUR princess will dance until the floor gives out and is the star of every after raging rave party. A lifestyle of getting lit and nighttime pandemonium fills this young spirit up and makes her the center of any EDM festival. You'll never pop anything as sweet as Kandi.

Feeling like Kandi if - You can dance to the BPM all night long without sweating off your face jewels.

Style breakdown: Rave Fashion, Rave Wear, Rave Bodysuits, Festival Outfits, Rave Gear, Rave Costumes, Raver, EDM Fashion, Rave Clothing, EDM Festival Fashion, Rave Party Accessories, Cybercult Clothing

Popular Brands: J Valentine, Five And Diamond, Esqape, Mi Gente Clothing, Club Exx, Pastease, Mamadoux, Demonia, Glitter Injections

Known to Shop:
Rave LED Clothing, Glitter Injections, Rave Outfits

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