The history: Cyberdog was created by Chi Chi the Space Chihuahua in the late 90s from swingin' Camden Town in London, with the singular mission of giving the people of Earth a fashion future to believe in! Cyberdog brings us Earthlings some of the most imaginative designs for playsuits, dresses, tops, shorts, leggings and shrugs that we've eva seen!

Why we love them: We can live out all of our Barbarella intergalactic space-babe fantasies while probing Earth for signs of intelligence and sikk af fashion.

One phrase: Technicolor cutting-edge futuristic fashion

Known For: Day-Glo colors with retro-future silhouettes. If Judy Jetson went to raves, she would be wearin' Cyberdog. Cyberdog playsuits, Cyberdog dresses, Cyberdog tops, Cyberdog leggings