Green Platform Heels


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Platform heels, also known as platform shoes, have a history that dates back to ancient Greece, where actors wore shoes with elevated soles to help them appear taller and more visible to the audience.

In the 15th century, chopines were popular in Venice and consisted of platform shoes that could reach up to 30 inches in height. These shoes were primarily worn by women of wealth and status and were often adorned with jewels and other decorations.

In the 1930s, platform heels became popular in the Western world as a way for women to add height and glamour to their outfits. They were often paired with the popular A-line dresses of the time and worn by Hollywood stars such as Ginger Rogers and Judy Garland.

During the 1970s, platform heels experienced a resurgence in popularity as a part of the disco culture. These shoes were often made with colorful and shiny materials and had a thick, chunky sole that added height and comfort to dance the night away.

In the 1990s, the Spice Girls popularized platform sneakers with their hit song "Wannabe," and platform shoes became a staple in pop culture fashion.

Today, platform heels continue to be a popular fashion trend, with designers constantly reinventing the style with new materials, heights, and shapes. They are often worn for special occasions or to add a bold statement to an outfit.