Jaded London


The history: During a very lit summer in 2013, Jade and Grant Goulden decided to create a sik af urban streetwear brand called Jaded London. Taking inspo from global street trends from East London to LA, this made in England brand serves up clothing with bold attitude from their totally sick prints to fabric experimentation. Since then, this clothing line blew up and seen in so many glossy magazine pages and celebrities like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Tyson Beckford, and trendsetters, artists, and party-goers alike.

Why we love them: Cuz nothing says sassy street or showstopper than Jaded London. With their techno-scuba fabrics that knows to hug yer curves correct, dope wavy prints that's always ready 2 party, and their pulse fer street fashion, this brand will always make sure yer on trend while still being ahead of the pack.

One phrase: Look at me now.

Known For: Jaded London in Beat Magazine for Beyonce, sequin bomber jackets, Midi Dress, Lace-up Shirts, Jaded London Jeans, Tops, Casual Dresses, Club Dresses, mini skirts, Bikinis, Cargo Pants, Boyfriend Jeans, shirt blouses, and much more.