Lavender Stardust

The history: Cuz u gotta stay lookin? juicy bb! Make sure those lips and that body stays ultra moisturized with Lavender Stardust?s roll on lip glosses and roll on shimmery body glitter. All of Lavender Stardust?s cosmetics and body care items are completely cruelty free so you don?t even gotta worry about it!

Why we love them:From tha festival to tha weekdays, Lavender Stardust keeps you shinin?!

One phrase: Glitter 4 Dayz~*~*

Known For: Roll On Shimmer, Perfume Oils, Aloe Vera Glitter Gels, Lip Glosses, Glitter Gels, Roll On SHimmer Body Glitters, Roll On Lip Glosses, Cruelty Free Cosmetics, Cruelty Free Makeup, Roll On Lip Gloss, Sparkling Perfume Oils, Glitter Pots, Loose Glitter, Festival Makeup, Festival Glitter, Rave Makeup