The history: London-based streetwear brand Minga is a world of eclectic streetwear and funky fashion. From vintage-inspired clothes to grunge fashion and insta-worthy outfits, Minga is a brand that will keep ya trendin? forever, bb.

Why we love them: Every doll is a fashion icon in Minga?s world. From hipsters to punks, to festival fashionistas and the girls next door, bad babes everywhere are embracing a new wave of edgy fashion.

One phrase: Stay away from boring clothes.

Where To Wear It: Posing for the ?gram, chillin? at home, hanging with friends, roamin? the city streetz.

What U'll Find: Minga graphic tees, Minga knit sweaters, Minga hoodies, Minga oversized t-shirts, Minga crop tops, Minga cargo pants, Minga mini skirts, Minga knit bodysuits.