Pins & Patches

cuz all your sh*t needz personality with some pins & patches! Shop the trendiest and fashionable collection of pins & patches like enamel pins, cheeky pins, cheeky patches, and goth pins at Dolls Kill, da online boutique fer yer rebellious spirit and personalized style. Carrying yer favorite brands like HOROSCOPEZ, RIPNDIP, Mysticum Luna and Studio Cult, deez ladies bags and wallets will keep yer shit stashed while showing off yer punk rock, goth, glam, rave, kawaii, streetwear and festival style.

Where to Wear It: Everyday, Concerts, Parties, School

What U?ll Find: Enamel Pins, Cheeky Pins, Cheeky Patches, Goth Pins, Funny Pins, Pop Culture Pins