Roller Skates

Dolls Kill has the sikkest and most badass selection of roller skates that?s perfect fer every doll and her personalized style. With da dopest N trendy roller skates like Impala Rollerskates, quad skates, inline skates, and holographic skates, our doll will alwayz look fukkin? hot while being rebellious AF! Carrying major brands such as Impala Rollerskates, Yoki Fashion, Sugar Thrillz and more, you?ll always find yer perfect shoe to strut ya stuff. Scroll thru each page fer the new new n? unleash yer inner riot girl at an online shopping destination unlike anywhere else.

Where to Wear It: Everyday Street Style, Exercise, Roller Rink, Park, Roller Skate Parties

What U?ll Find: Roller Skates, Impala Rollerskates, Quad Skates, Inline Skate