The history: Created in 2016 straight outta Brooklyn, New York by Zemeta Choi, Zemeta portrays subdomains past, present, and future fer a genderless community of fashion-forward risk-takers. Fer the daydreamers N? rule-breakers, Zemeta cultivates small-batch, contemporary streetwear that transcends societal roles N? embraces diversity and equality.

Why we love them: Our Mia Dolls are obsessed with this fresh brand that?s renewing the streetwear landscape by creating iconic styles with ethical labor practices! Zemeta garments are designed in Brooklyn N? made in supa limited quantities in Seoul, South Korea in a private workshop of only five garment construction pros! We?re here fer this forward-thinking brand that?s bridging the spaces between fashion, culture, N? gender!

One phrase: Seek imperfection, embrace the unexpected.

Where To Wear It: Influencin? on the ?gram, late nights out with ya besties, breakin? stereotypes N? ditchin? gender roles, hittin? the streetz, clubbin? N? bar hoppin?, twinnin? with bae. Baesically anywhere anytime!

What U'll Find: Renaissance graphic tops, crop cardigans, mesh tees N? dresses, off the shoulder tops, bustiers N? corsets.