Kid's Products

cuz what is cuter than matching with your mini! Have ya bb be the coolest kid in town. The kid's collection has a few of Our Favs that you already but in Kid's Size. It features clothing, shoes, N' accessories like a checkered faux fur coat, the shaggy sweater, butterfly boots and wing backpacks. Carrying major brands like A.B.C. Kidswear, Kappa and SO much more. Match with ya mini and be the baddest duo in town!

Where to Wear It: Everyday Wear, Hangin? With Friends, Back To School, Chillen N' Relaxin', Mother Daughter Things

What U?ll Find: Kids Rainbow Trippin' Shaggy Sweater, Kids Wild Youth Checkered Faux Fur Coat, Kids Metamorphic Glitter Boots, Kids Mystic Mini Backpack