Wondering where your combat boots and favorite band tee went? Ask Darby. This girl will steal your shit and rip it to shreds just to prove that she's a bad bitch who lives for punk rock fashion. Fueled by her badass reputation and resentment for the law, Darby is the ultimate frenemy that your mom calls a "bad influence". Catch her vandalizing alleyways with the local gutter punks wearing the sikkest punk clothing, Colt-45 and cigarette in one hand, neon orange spray paint in the other ? 'cause that's just how she rolls.

Down with Darby if: You live for chaos and ask yourself, "Why the fuck not?" every hour, on the hour.

Style breakdown: Sid and Nancy's illegitimate child, Punk Clothing, Rock Fashion, Punk Rock Shoes, Combat Boots, Studded Platform Sandals, Mary Janes, Punk Shoes, Platform Creepers, Knee High Lace Up Boots

Popular Brands: Disturbia, Lamoda, Current Mood, T.U.K., Y.R.U., Demonia

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